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Georges Dib

Full-Stack Developer

Seek discomfort. Burn your comfort zone and fuel your ambitions.

Who I am

Someone driven by thirst for challenge and an unrelenting curiosity, wandering through multiple technologies and accumulating experience. This continuous journey allowed me to attain considerable levels of proficiency in the domains I worked in. Combined with the soft skills I crafted by working with multiple teams on one hand, and with direct contact with VPs and stakeholders on the other, I am closer today than I was yesterday, to being someone who can make a difference and contribute to positive change on a bigger scale.

Where I worked

Profit Isle

2021 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

  • Initiated R&D projects
  • Designed and implemented entire features
  • Split user stories and assigned tasks
  • Led technical knowledge meetings
  • Acted as technical reference for team mates
  • Employed fallback plans for rare unsuccessful deliveries

Profit Isle

2018 - 2020

Junior Software Engineer

  • Estimated and implemented assigned tasks
  • Researched and employed best practices and technologies
  • Maximized code coverage by writing unit tests
  • Maintained previously written code
  • Participated in code reviews as reviewer and reviewee

EMI Offshore


Software Developer Intern

  • Manually converted pipeline graphics
  • Wrote a program to do it for me automatically

What I do


Front End

Build enterprise feature-rich applications using multiple front end technologies.


Back End

Design full backend and database sides of data-heavy and fast-response features.


ETL Pipelines

Implement data ingestion and load pipelines for big data enterprise projects as well as small scale ones.

What I know

Non-technical skills:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Team Leadership
  • Effective Prioritization
  • Effective Communication
  • Autonomy
  • Feature Design

Technical skills: